Q: What is Playcation?

A: Playcation is a free resource that helps you decide the best places to go for vacation based on your own personalized needs and interests. We call it a destination decision system. The current version is a beta release, as we continue to add important features and improvements.

Q: How many different activities are available within Playcation?

A: Playcation monitors over 10,000 different activities and interests: From established favorites like camping or beaches to more exotic niche activities like caving or kayaking.

Q: How many different destinations can Playcation recommend?

A: Playcation evaluates nearly 300,000 different places around the world for the best ten matches to your interests. And, you can always get more recommendations if the first ten aren't perfect for you.

Q: Are Playcation's data and related services available to partners?

A: Yes. Our vision is to help people explore the world. The Playcation.com search engine accomplishes this. We also believe this can be achieved via partnering with other travel sites. Please contact partners@playcation.com to engage with us.

Q: What does the Playcation Score mean?

A: The best spot on earth for a particular activity will score a ten, and lesser destinations will have lower scores. If your search criteria include more than one factor, the scores for each are combined to give an overall score considering everything you requested.

Q: What are the basis for these rankings?

A: We developed technology that reads everything, interprets associations and meanings and learns as it does these things. This has been called machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data. We are all of these things. We learn from tens of millions of web pages connected to activities and created this tool to help you find not only where an activity takes place but the best place to do that activity.

Q: How does Playcation work?

A: Playcation uses a set of proprietary methods that combine the power of intelligent systems with the vast expertise of travelers, reviewers and guides available in the world.

Q: What if I disagree with one of Playcation's recommendations?

A: We are always eager for feedback to help further refine our ranking, if you believe one of our recommended destinations is scoring higher or lower than you would expect based upon your own experiences. Please send an email to feedback@playcation.com and tell us about your search, and the rank orders of the recommended destinations you believe would be better (and any insights about why would be helpful).

*Have a question that hasn't been answered? Please submit it to support@playcation.com.