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Data Services

The backbone of this site is technology that has been honed for more than a decade in the biotech and life sciences sectors. Today nine out of ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies use this technology to mine unstructured content and make actionable, research and development related decisions.

Playcation extends this technology to travel and activities.

We built Playcation because of our own passion for active travel, because of our inability to find a solution to meet our needs, and because we knew we could solve our own problem. We also found a ripe market.

We wanted access to a database that represents every activity we could think of, that leverages the vast travel content online, and that was built on self-learning (artificial intelligence) algorithms.

We want our data to be used as far and wide as possible. Therefore, our information can be delivered as a service to other travel sector sites looking to extend their user experience.

Our data services include:

Information syndication

There are a myriad of ways we can slice, segment and deliver our information. Here are a few examples.

Activity-led search.

The Playcation user experience currently operates under an activities-led search metaphor.

Example. User enters surfing and Playcation informs them of the best places on the planet or in a region for that activity. Of course we go deep in virtually all activity categories. We can also tell users where to find big waves.

Destination-led search.

Many existing travel sites assume the user already knows their destination. Our information can expand and enhance the user experience by offering deeper, detailed, more immersive trip planning information.

Example. Travel site sees that a user is going to Innsbruck, Austria and offers them access to best, ranked activities within a predetermined distance.

Location-based top activity lists.

Our data can be mapped to any point on the globe. We have mapped hundreds of thousands of latitude and longitude points to activities and ranked all of those activities from best to worst.

Example. User is traveling to a hotel in a town 30 minutes outside of Miami. A list of the best activities can be presented to them prior to their arrival and while they are at the hotel. A similar list is given to every visitor who comes to any of the chain’s 1,000 properties.

Region-based top activity lists.

We can segment regions quite simply. We have embedded the boundaries of countries, states, countries, regions and towns into our technology. This enables region-specific presentation of data.

Example. A tourism bureau (for a country, state or region) could increase its value to visitors by pointing directly to what the region has to offer. They could enable potential visitors to sort data on interests, "only show me places within this region for mountain biking, wineries and sailing."

Information synthesis

This offering is a deeper partnership, one where Playcation’s information is combined with and optimized with partner products.

The goal is to extend an existing product offering and increase the overall value of a customer.

In any of the above-mentioned information syndication formats we combine our information to present a more interesting, stickier and more comprehensive product offering.

Example. Hotel reservation systems offer regional activity draws to customers in real time. A customer looking at flights to Iceland could instantly know that 4 of the top 10 waterfalls in the world are in Iceland and that it’s a top destination for hot springs and thermal sites.

The following partners and solutions helped us launch.


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